Areas of Expertise

Momentum provides multiple strategies to implement tax-advantaged investment opportunities that have the ability to mitigate risk and/or enhance after-tax returns during uncertain economic conditions.

Life insurance cash value (your “account balance” inside your policy) enjoys tax-deferred growth. This growth can be tied to capital markets, hedging strategies, alternative investments or ETFs.

In later years, withdrawals to basis (your contributions) and loans (advancement of death benefit) can be taken from the policy tax free to provide income.

The policy will still maintain a death benefit for wealth transfer purposes, allowing you to achieve both tax-free growth and income and tax-free wealth transfer. 

Our firm employs a multitude of strategies to reach our clients’ wealth preservation, wealth enhancement and wealth transfer goals, which identify opportunities to lessen tax burdens.

These include investment management consulting, initiation of sophisticated tax planning, and ongoing administration of each of your family's wealth transfer vehicles.

Insurance Premium Financing is a powerful option for businesses or individuals in need of non-standard insurance coverage such as commercial and higher risk policies.

Unlike standard, lower-risk insurance policies such as home or automobile insurance, which let the insured spread out payments through the year, non-standard policies typically require that you pay your entire premium in one lump sum at binding or within 30 days.

Private placement life insurance is a variable universal life insurance policy that provides cash value appreciation based on a segregated investment account and a life insurance benefit.

Momentum’s Private Placement Insurance strategies enable our hedge fund investor clients to capture returns tax-free.