Momentum CEO Joshua Coleman and President Tim Trela speak about the benefits of partnering with Momentum to add depth to your advisor practice. 

Through Momentum, you’ll have access to an established network of advanced planning specialists with expertise in the legal, tax, actuarial science and risk management fields.

We value your client relationships, and communicate openly with you while working on each case. 







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We partner with advisors in two ways:

1.     With a dedicated team tasked with finding and evaluating third-party advisors, Momentum Advanced Planning has built, and will continue to build, a network of industry leading advisors to assist the families and institutions we serve. If you are a specialist in your field, we want to bring your expertise to our clients.

2.     Acting as a general contractor for advanced planning, we partner with other advisors to provide advanced planning and solution architecture to their clients. This collaboration enables our partners to foster enduring relationships by enhancing the value they bring to their clients.

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Benefits through partnership

How do we enhance an advisor's current practice?