Who We Are


Momentum brings turnkey advanced planning solutions to advisory firms, families, and businesses.

We take the role of general contractor to best guide our clients through the advanced planning universe, saving them time and money. 

Why We Exist


Throughout our experience in the industry, we observed that the family and business planning environment was missing a firm whose sole focus was advanced planning.

Gathering niche capabilities from the family office and Fortune 500 industries, Momentum has built a network of specialists to service our clients in a customized, one-stop manner.


A Powerful Network


Through industry experience and extensive due diligence, we have built an elite network of niche advanced planning specialists.

This international system of strategic partners comprises our Advanced Planning Network, which leverages resources and decades of expertise for the total benefit of our clients.



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How We Help you


Advanced Tax Planning

We protect assets and facilitate efficient wealth transfer


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Actuarial Design

We help businesses retain key employees and plan for succession


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Insurance Architecture

We mitigate risk and generate retirement income


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